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I chose Caz's Kiddies on the recommendation of a friend. I knew that research has shown a childminder to be more beneficial than a nursery for young children. I was looking for consistency of care, flexibility, socialisation for my one year old and, most importantly, somebody I could trust.
I met Carol in her home and felt very comfortable surrounded by all the toys, drawings and comfy sofas of a happy family life.

Carol is calm and warm, the children love her. She treats them all with respect and helps them learn how to get along with each other. My daughter played and learned, ate new foods and sang and danced and dozed off happily when she got tired. She even made new friends - of all ages. It was obvious that she felt safe and happy.

There is a wonderful garden, a family of "aunties" who help Carol out - the majority of the staff members have had children of their own. They aren't phased by separation anxiety or toddler tantrums, they know all about the latest crazes for the school kids.

If I'm honest with myself I find it incredibly hard to leave my children in somebody else's care. It never feels right. But it doesn't get any better than Carol. I trust her to look after my children in the same way I can trust a family member. I have never doubted my decision to use Carol and her team. Caz's Kiddies is a wonderful place.
Seems a bit all over the place but I'm sure it will make sense if not come along and we can sort it together.


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